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Maja Vukoje
fuels n’ frumps

Catalogue, 2018
19.0 × 25.0cm, 120 pages 

19.0 × 25.0cm
120 pages
Illustrations in color
German / English 

Edited by:
Sandro Droschl, Künstlerhaus, Halle für Kunst & Medien, 2018

With a text by:
Chris Sharp

Graphic design:
Nik Thoenen, Maia Gusberti

Photographs by:
Roland Kraus, Markus Krottendorfer 

Verlag für Moderne Kunst, Vienna


This publication has been supported by the artist, the author, lenders, the team of Künstlerhaus, Halle für Kunst & Medien, and Hedwig Müller

22.00 €

incl. shipping 


The catalog was published on the occasion of the exhibition Maja Vukoje: fuels n’ frumps (2.4.20174.2.2017) at Künstlerhaus, Halle für Kunst & Medien.

This publication is dedicated to the exhibition by the Austrian artist Maja Vukoje and shows her genuine painterly vocabulary with painting. With its subject of the Vogelscheuche” (Paul Klee, 1935; scarecrow”), the exhibition’s title metaphorically alludes to traditional genre depictions of bodies and the objects surrounding them, while the artist – in these politically confusing times – presents for debate their internal states, materials, and the forces that drive and fuel them. Vukoje’s paintings are based on her exploration of political themes such as post-colonialism, gender, and pop culture. Vukoje’s approach is founded on more than just her own migrant experience – she also travels to specific places in order to examine certain cultural phenomena. She then takes the resulting mixture of realities and translates them into a complex, yet easily accessible visual language.

Maja Vukoje: fuels 'n' frumps

Participating artists

Maja Vukoje

*1969 Düsseldorf, lives in Vienna

studied painting at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna (Maria Lassnig and Christian Ludwig Attersee). She has been awarded many prizes for her work: outstanding artist award, BKA Vienna (2015), Österreichischer Grafikwettbewerb, Preis des Landes Burgenland (2005), Georg-Eisler-Preis der Bank Austria Creditanstalt, Vienna (2004), Award for young European painting, Premio del Golfo, La Spezia (2000).