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Stano Filko
A Retrospective

Catalog, 2022
21 x 28 cm, 256 pages
from April 2023
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44.00 €

Filko is considered as an influential utopian and polyartist, who understood art and life universally and cosmologically as a unity beyond geographical attributions of East and West. Filko was one of the most important representatives of the Central European neo-avant-gardes, whose work has remained current. Early on, he designed hybrid objects and environments, extending them into unfamiliar terrains with his basic conceptual approach. Again and again, the focus of the work changes: assemblages are followed by text-based works and performances that attempt to circumvent state repression, and later by large-scale gestural painting, characterized by artistic self-assertion, and finally by a final phase, which he dedicates to his increasingly complex "System SF". The publication approaches the multi-layered œuvre from various perspectives and takes a fresh look at this exuberant oeuvre.

Stano Filko