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Minute Concerts


Photo: Werner Korn

As an initiative for new music, impuls invites once a year to musical encounters in various galleries and art spaces in Graz. Artistic works meet contemporary music off the classical concert stages. Selected short pieces of new music are interpreted by students and graduates of the University of Music and Design Graz in a sophisticated and accurate way. With free admission to all participating houses, a total of 12 hours of art parcours takes place, where it is open to all to stroll through the art together with young musicians.

As part of the impuls Minute concerts, a musical encounter is also scheduled in the HALLE FÜR KUNST.


François Sarhan, Situation Nr. 4: Vice Versa (2010), 4 min.
Eunhye Kim, performer | Paquito Ernesto Chiti, performer

José Luis Perdigón, spAcE jUnk (2023, world première), 18 min.
Sieberns, piccolo | Olivia Palmer-Baker, bassoon | Elisabeth Müller, accordion

Kollektiv Unruhe, Improvisation, 5 min.
Malin Sieberns, flutes | Camilo Pehuen Hirschhorn, clarinets | Olivia Palmer-Baker, bassoon | Elisabeth Müller, accordion

Keiko Harada, Third ear deaf 2b (2003), 10 min. 
Elisabeth Müller, accordion | Malin Sieberns, flute

François Sarhan, Pflikato (2021 – 2022), 9 min.
Beltrán González, performer | Olivia Palmer-Baker, performer | Camilo Pehuen Hirschhorn, performer

Photo: Werner Korn