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Intense Collaborations and Layers of Meaning
Valentina Radoš 


Photo: Valentina Radoš

In her lecture, curator Valentina Radoš provides insights into Croatian contemporary art, subsequently focusing on her 2017 exhibition curated at the Museum of Fine Arts in Osijek (Eastern Slavonia) with TARWUK, cryptically titled 20170621_141332 (2). Based on the titular keyword of the lecture – Intense Collaborations and Layers of Meaning – Radoš talks about important artistic strategies of the Croatian artist duo. Essential to TARWUK’s collaborative approach is the question of the dialogical, of synergy and the limits of the collective. TARWUK emphasizes the specific moment of transformation, which has its own inherent alchemy, with which the whole becomes more than its parts. Radoš also illustrates this on an aesthetic level, showing how TARWUK reassembles discarded objects and brittle material in a shamanistic manner, giving new life to what was thought dead.


Participating artists

Prof. Valentina Radoš

lives in Osijek, Croatia

is a curator at the Museum of Fine Arts in Osijek (Croatia), where she heads the collection of paintings, drawings and prints from the second half of the 20th century (from 1945 until today), as well as the collection of new media (video, DVD, digital graphics, installations). Her professional interests include 20th and 21st century artistic practices and visual communication. Since 2010, she has been the curator of the Slavonian Biennal at the Museum of Fine Arts, Osijek. Recently completed projects: Ivan Faktor A Film that Only I Watch (2017), Tarwuk – 20170621_141332 (2). (2017÷18), 26th Slavonian Biennale – Flat Earth (2018÷19), Sanvincenti The Earth Shall Once Be the Sun (2020), 27th Slavonian Biennal – The Image as a Virus (2020), East of Eden (2021), How Fruk’s Works Continued to Live (2021), 28th Slavonian Biennal – New Paradigms of Happiness, from the Osijek Dada to Contemporary Chaos (2022÷23). Radoš is a member of the Association for Art Criticism AICA and a recipient of the Annual Award of the Croatian Museum Society for the exhibition of the 25th Slavonian Biennial in 2016.

Photo: Valentina Radoš