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Helene Thümmel 

Artist Lecture 

Photo: Helene Thümmel

The format STAGES is as radical as it is simple. The HALLE FÜR KUNST Steiermark makes itself available for the duration of an evening as a platform for artists from the immediate surroundings. The exhibition hall will serve as a stage to learn more about the artists’ work, what they are burning for and what they are passionate about.

The setting is a kind of intimate studio situation in front of a small audience: stage in front of a white wall, a micro ready. Lights on, camera running, and off we go: be it discursive (Image and reflection), poetic (Dear painter paint me) or applied (Clay Stones Shards). Our guest can decide for themselves whether this takes the form of a performance, a lecture, a conversation, a screening or any other means of choice. 

Today: The media artist, scenographer, stage and costume designer Helene Thümmel (*1990 Graz, lives in Graz).


Participating artists

Helene Thümmel

*1990 Graz, lives in Graz

studied architecture in Graz and media art/​new media at the School of Arts in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. Thümmel works as a stage and costume designer for theater and film productions and is part of various art cooperations and associations. In the field of Artistic Research, Thümmel explores concepts such as distance, space and borders in social and political contexts, using various media such as film, object art and photography. She has participated in group and solo exhibitions in Vienna, Graz, Nova Gorica, Brussels and Rijeka, among others. In 2020/2021 Thümmel was awarded the Foreign Scholarship for Visual Arts of the City of Graz as well as the Kunstraum Scholarship of the Province of Styria.

Photo: Helene Thümmel