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Press Talk
Heinrich Dunst sink
on affairs


We cordially invite you to the press talk on the show sink by Heinrich Dunst and on the group show on affairs. The artists will be present.

Curators Sandro Droschl and Jan Tappe will give a guided tour through the exhibitions.

As part of our quest for relevant contemporary objects and forms, the HALLE FÜR KUNST is presenting a solo show by Heinrich Dunst, Austria’s currently most important conceptual artist. His work focuses on the analysis of art and on testing its potential, with language and object in an open dialogue with one another. His show sink sets art and its signs in motion by creating a dynamic referential media interplay of the visible and invisible, composed of thing, image and instruction — thereby proposing possible responses to the ambiguous signs of our fragmented present.

The present day and our media-based access to reality are determined by a myriad of digital and analogue linkages of text and image. The signs and symbols are stacked high in our shelves and smartphones, in our in-boxes, and in social media. Everything is mutually overlapping and layered. Of course, the system of art is also subject to all of this in certain fields, but by no means not fully so. The exhibition on affairs takes the act of immersion into this gigantic ocean of images and words and the salvaging of fragments and pieces from this ocean as a figure.