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On Multiplicity (System of Systems)
Lucia Gregorová Stach 


Photo (detail): Jan Kekeli

With Dr. Lucia Gregorová Stach as Chief Curator of the National Gallery in Bratislava, the HALLE FÜR KUNST was able to win over a proven expert in the collaboration for the exhibition. In the exhibition, she is primarily preparing a room with a biographical and archival section that introduces the artist’s continuously developing theoretical concept, the SF system. After his return from the USA in 1990, Filko’s System SF increasingly developed into an unmanageable meta-system through which he rearranged and rethought the totality of his work and life. A dynamic emerges, under the influence of which Filko reworks and re-dates earlier works many times. In this process, Archive SF emerges, a diary-like magazine and comprehensive repository of smaller objects, textual art, photographs, as well as an unmanageable wealth of folders and archival material. In her lecture, Gregorová Stach will focus on the idea of the archive, which is by no means a dusty appendix, but makes Filko appear most vital and alive in writing and theory from today’s perspective.

In the adjacent city park, the extensive and rarely shown performative installation 12 Balloons (19782011) will be shown on the occasion of the finissage.


Participating artists

Dr. Lucia Gregorová Stach

*1975, lives in Bratislava

Lucia Gregorová Stach, Ph.D., is an art historian and curator. Since 2013, she has been the Chief Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art Collections at the Slovak National Gallery. Gregorová Stach studied art history at the University of Trnava, the Charles University in Prague, and the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, where she received her PhD in 2015. In 2015 she curated a solo exhibition of Stano Filko for Zacheta – National Art Gallery in Warsaw. With Aurel Hrabušický, she curated Filko’s solo exhibition Poetry on Space – Cosmos (2016) at the Slovak National Gallery. Gregorová Stach and Hrabušický also published Stano Filko 1 . (2018), which is a first art-historical overview of Fiko’s work in Slovak, to be followed in 2022 by a condensed English edition published by Scala, London.

Photo (detail): Jan Kekeli