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Apartment Views: Kiubo 1.0
Tanja Gurke, Gernot Ritter from HOFRICHTER-RITTER Architects 


Starhemberggasse 2 

Photo: Julian Lanca-Gil, hda

Inspired by Tanja Gurke’s many years of planning tours in her project Häuser schaun (Looking at Houses) we now take a look at more intimate areas. Together with Tanja Gurke, we are able to tour the interiors of buildings in use, looking at interior design, structures for living, and spatial structures. Art historian Gurke explains on site why plans are not always possible to implement and which ideas are inherent to the buildings. Embedded in the theme of the exhibition Domestic Drama and surrounded by walls that in the near future will become the living areas for new inhabitants, the tour gains a new dimension of proximity and intimacy.

The first apartment that adapts to life. Housing today is as un- flexible as it was 100 years ago. What was
once built, is difficult to change again. At the same time, however, people’s living conditions are changing faster and faster. Today we are in one city and tomorrow we may be somewhere else. We sometimes need more space when we start a family or work from home, and sometimes less when the children move out or the pension comes knocking.

Together with Gernot Ritter from HORFRICHTER-RITTER Architects, we will visit a model apartment: Kiubo 1.0 is the first demo building that lives up to this approach and will be followed by others.


Participating artists

Tanja Gurke

*1971 Graz, lives in Graz

has a doctorate in art history and is the managing director of the Grazer Kunstverein and a co-designer of various art projects in Graz. In cooperation with hda Graz (Haus der Architektur) and renowned architects, she is responsible for the successful Häuser schaun series. Art opens doors, to new spaces, new worlds, to ourselves,” is how Tanja Gurke describes her approach to the interface between art and architecture.

Photo: Julian Lanca-Gil, hda