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#Homestaging Writing Workshop
Bettina Landl 



Photo: lupi spuma

#Homestaging. The Writing Workshop enables all interested participants to pick up on the themes of the exhibition Domestic Drama and to think them further. Domestic Drama is a group exhibition of international artists, wherein everything is focused on the home. Some of the works have clear connections to the home and interior design, while others reveal political influences on how we perceive our homes. It’s all about aspects that are important when we want to talk about housing and living space today.

For the workshop, the crucial question is: What sensitivities and connotations do we associate with domesticity and the concept of the home or homeland? Which people, objects, places, smells and activities are coming to mind? Is it about safety and intimacy or is it also something that is constricting or even sometimes frightening? We want to deal with these and similar questions together and write short texts about them.

Various exercises in creative writing serve as a stimulus, offering an opportunity to reflect on individual experiences. Various works in the exhibition can serve as starting points for writing a story. And it doesn’t always have to be one’s own story that is written about. With the complementary #Homestaging. Stage Evening it is also possible to perform the texts you have written in front of an audience in on location or to have them performed by someone else.


Participating artists

Bettina Landl

*1985 Graz, lives in Graz

studied art history and philosophy at Karl Franzens University in Graz and makes her PhD at Kunstuniversität Linz in 2021. Landl works transdisciplinarily with a focus on phenomenological research and projects dealing with space, body and text. In addition to several publications of her texts, exhibition participations have taken place at Rhizom, Grazer Kunstverein and Forum Stadtpark, among others.

Photo: lupi spuma