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Contribution: 2.00 €

My Home is my Castle. A well-known slogan about the home, where walls and battlements are the first things that come to mind. On the one hand, one’s own four walls provide security, but they can also quickly become confining, as the COVID-19 pandemic has made clear. The group exhibition Domestic Drama addresses the current social situation of withdrawal. It places our emotions, home and living at the center of artistic considerations.

As everyday life becomes increasingly confined to our own living space, the question of how we perceive our home and how the order of things changes arises anew. The living room table becomes a worktop, the accumulated objects silent allies that wink at us. How do the residents’ feelings relate to their possessions, how do their wishes and ideas about living relate? In addition, the relationship to the outside world is strangely altered, because we increasingly perceive the world through constrictions and screens. The influence of different cultures and the global movement of goods on our homes is also exciting, whereby the topic of immigration is often presented as very problematic, at least when talking about people. With the things in our living spaces, on the other hand, it seems quite normal that they come from many different countries.

The exhibition Domestic Drama is spread over two levels and shows works by international artists. The works reveal a polyphonic perspective on the home and the architectures of living, on the connections between everyday objects and the inner life of the inhabitants and therein represent a polysemous and multifaceted understanding of interior.” The exhibition focuses on the emotional relationship to objects and spaces – such as the question of what belonging and the home, homeland and origin can mean.