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Exhibition Tour for Lecturers 


Exhibition Tour 

Contribution: 1.00 €

The current exhibition Domestic Drama takes its starting point from the pandemic and social retreat and is dedicated to the home and the architecture of living. In a deliberately theatrical staging, the exhibition brings together works of contemporary art, many of which cross genre boundaries and intertwine with furnishing and home design.

The title of the exhibition was derived from an essay by architectural theorist Beatrix Colomina from 1992. There she describes how stage-like situations are created in the living space through certain spatial concepts. Central to the exhibition is this transformational power of spaces, which make people and objects alike the protagonists of a domestic drama.” Seemingly inanimate objects exert power on us and become acting subjects. Through human desire, through wishes and ideas, the animate and inanimate bodies intermingle and reciprocally charge themselves with emotions. To what extent do the living space, our possessions and the interior determine our inner world? Is it not actually the objects that in a way represent” us by their form, function and potentials, thus taking an active role in it?

The exhibition Domestic Drama focuses on the living space as an expression of different affiliations, as an indicator of gender, economic and social identity. Essential aspects of home are addressed, such as the relationship between private and public, between work and recreation, between origin and home.”