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Art Diving
Projectgroup Young Art Education 



You have always found art somehow exciting and would like learn more about and delve into it? Art can do many things and most of the time a second look is worth it. By taking a closer look at works of art, new perspectives on the world can open up. The main thing is to learn how to approach something extraordinary and new, something that has an unusual openness. If this succeeds, then one’s own perception can be reflected upon and the possibility arises to get to know oneself better. For the question is: What do I actually see? And why do I see it that way? And how do I tell others about it?

The project group young art education is intended for students who want to learn more about the artists, backgrounds and themes of the exhibition Domestic Drama. Once a month the group will meet with the art education team of the HALLE FÜR KUNST to talk together about the works in the exhibition. In a closing event the some emerging Art Divers, wishing to take on the role of mediation, conduct a tour for their friends and family invited.

1st date: DI 14.12. 16 — 18 o’clock

Registration is requested!

Contact person: Tobias Ihl (Art Education)
ti@​halle-​fuer-​kunst.​at, +43 316 74008411