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Art Pension


Exhibition Tour 

Contribution: 2.00 €

Once a month on Tuesday at 11 a.m. an exhibition tour takes place in a cozy atmosphere, also sufficient seating is provided. After the tour, visitors come together over a cup of coffee to share their impressions of what they have just seen.

Together we will visit the exhibitions of Doreen Garner and Kevin Jerome Everson. There will be a lot of variety: While films are shown in the main room, there are sculptural works to be seen in Doreen Garner’s exhibition. Doreen Garner deals with the consequences of colonialism as well as racism and brings to light a dark chapter in American medical history, in which black bodies were exploited and dehumanized through medical experiments. The artist’s works resemble body fragments and pieces of flesh, revealing jagged surfaces and woundedness. Undoubtedly, many people experience suffering, but the structural devaluation through racism to the point of disembodiment of the black body has its own dimension.

The upper exhibition space features film works by artist and experimental filmmaker Kevin Jerome Everson. His works focus on people who belong to different African-American living and working environments. In the exhibition Recover, he thereby shows observations of universal phenomena such as the horizon in several short films and also provides insights into various black communities. It poses the question, Through what vantage points do we see the world?”