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Art Spritzer


Exhibition Tour 

Contribution: 3.00 €

A guided tour of Doreen Garner and Kevin Jerome Everson takes place in the late afternoon, after which visitors are invited to enjoy a glass of wine in the Foyer and Study Room. The Study Room also offers the opportunity to discover further points of connection to the exhibitions at leisure.

Through Doreen Garner’s sculptural works we are directly confronted with body fragments and pieces of flesh. Exposed and violated, the remains of black bodies are offered to visitors, revealing a tension between humiliation and dignity. In some cases, the artist also uses materials such as fabrics, beads and crystals to emphasize the preciousness of the bodies and to set processes of remembering in motion. In doing so, she addresses the problematic relationship that the medical system in the U.S. maintains with black bodies.

In the large exhibition space (ground floor), the time-bound nature of the medium of film meets the spatial monumentality of the medium of the exhibition. This interplay provides exciting insights into the work of African-American artist and experimental filmmaker Kevin Jerome Everson. On the one hand, the artist provides insight into the various realities of life in African-American communities, on the other hand, the formal mastery and abstraction of the films move into the center of attention.