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Curator’s tour
Cathrin Mayer 

Exhibition Tour 

Kevin Jerome Everson, Cardinal, 2019; Doreen Garner, Red Rack of those Ravaged and Unconsenting, 2018 (detail)

Starting from the Study Room in the basement, there will be an exclusive guided tour of Doreen Garner and Kevin Jerome Everson with Cathrin Mayer, curator of the exhibitions.

Kevin Jerome Everson is known, among other things, for exploring the everyday realities and working environments of diverse African American communities. Using several of the artist’s film works and an object, the exhibition explores certain motifs in his work. Film works dealing with the observation of the sky are brought together with works showing African-American people in different situations. Eversons film works offer an unusual perspective on everyday things, they do not evaluate, but open the view and invite to search.

On view from Doreen Garner are sculptural works that look like body fragments or pieces of flesh. Materials such as silicone, plastics, and synthetic hair, as well as crystals and beads, seem to overflow into one another, revealing jagged surfaces and woundedness. The artist uses sculpture and performance to address the problematic relationship between medicine and race. She engages with the American history of medicine, pointing out the inhumanities done to black bodies for the sake of progress. Through her sculptural practice, themes of artistic engagement with violence, injury, and trauma are revealed.


Participating artists

Cathrin Mayer

*1988 Vienna, lives in Graz

Cathrin Mayer is currently a curator at HALLE FÜR KUNST Steiermark. Until May 2020, she was a curator at KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin. She recently curated a major solo exhibition by Estonian artist Flo Kasearu at the Tallinn Arthall and the first solo exhibition by Kosovar artist Dardan Zhegrova, at FRAGILE (Berlin). In addition to her curatorial work, she teaches regularly, most recently at the Universität der Künste in Berlin, among other places. She is the editor of the book Wish A Dream and Dream A Wish which was published by Sternberg Press in march 2021 and most recently joined the team of Edit a German literature magazine.

Kevin Jerome Everson, Cardinal, 2019; Doreen Garner, Red Rack of those Ravaged and Unconsenting, 2018 (detail)