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European Visions
Film off: The Cinema Evening 

Film screening 

Photo: HK

Accompanying the exhibition Europe: Ancient Future, the HALLE FÜR KUNST Steiermark shows two selected films that underline and thematically expand the context of the current exhibition. Film as a direct medium enables us to make complex topics accessible in a multi-layered way and, as a starting point for conversations, to provide the impetus for exchange in the house.

The European compilation film European Visions consists of contributions from all 25 member states of the European Union as they existed in 2004. Lars von Trier called on 25 well-known directors to realize the theme Europe” in a short film of maximum five minutes. Apart from the budget and the 16:9 shooting format, there were no other specifications. In this context, among others, the Portuguese film Cold Wa(Te)R will be shown. The film asks a series of questions such as: Is there anyone in the world who can say they chose the country they were born in? There are those who live on the border, so they can go from one country to another with an arm’s length. But what is actually the purpose of a border? The film was composed of television images that are broadcast daily on television and pass before our eyes as if they meant nothing. The director has reused and re-edited these images so that they can be shown at a much slower pace, making them easier to grasp and understand.

Photo: HK