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Danielle Allen
Reading Circle 


University of Graz

Photo: HK

Accompanying the exhibition Europe: Ancient Future we recommend a series of publications that deal with questions of the current exhibition: What can we learn from antiquity? What is a possible future for Europe? How are these connections rethought in artistic positions of the exhibition? Can we rethink contemporary Europe by means of Aristotle’s model of democracy?

The publications are freely accessible in the house and invite you to stay longer. The selection consists of theoretical texts, interdisciplinary secondary literature and artists’ monographs (involved in the project). The reading circle aims to provide visitors with a deeper thematic entry through an expanded understanding of the context of the exhibition.

The reading circle takes place once a month on a Friday at 5 p.m. and includes the discussion of a text excerpt from the work of an author who has an important significance with regard to the exhibition. We begin the reading with Aristotle and then move into the context of contemporary political philosophy.

The texts will be placed online in advance. Text extracts from the following authors will be discussed together on the different dates:

FR 14.5. Aristoteles — Politik

FR 18.6. John Rawls — Theorie der Gerechtigkeit

FR 16.7. Danielle Allen — Politische Gleichheit

Please note that the reading circle will take place in German language only.

University of Graz

Photo: HK