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Art Online: Wine Tasting
Gus Gluck 



Photo: Quality Wines Farringdon

Antiquity is not only popular for its artistic heritage, but also for the production of one of the oldest means of enjoyment, wine. The HALLE FÜR KUNST Steiermark is therefore pleased to have won London-based wine expert Gus Gluck as host of an online wine tasting session, in which mainly Greek wines will be tasted.

His explanations will focus, among other things, on wines from Naoussa, a region in northern Greece. The region is known for its well-preserved archaeological sites, which include ruins of buildings from the Greek city-states and the Macedonian Empire. In addition to information on wine, Gluck will introduce participants to the historical origins of early wine cultures, the significance of pottery to the development of the beverage, and the diverse production of contemporary Greek wines.

Gus Gluck (*London, lives in London) is the founder of GB Wine Shippers, a British specialty store for wines from around the world. In 2018, he founded the international award-winning restaurant and in-house wine bar Quality Wines Farringdon in London.

The wine tasting will be bilingual in English and German.

Photo: Quality Wines Farringdon