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Eurotopia. What is your Europe?


The video is available in English.

The video clip shows a talk that took place in the context of the Eurotopia work presentation on July 15. Sandro Droschl (artistic director, Hfk Steiermark) Tobias Ihl (curatorial assistance Hfk Steiermark) and Alina Fuchte as cooperation partner of the exhibition platform nextmu​se​um​.io talk with the selected artists of the Open Call about their works.

The artists of the selected submissions will present their work and offer our visitors the chance to gain first-hand insights.

The Open Call Eurotopia. What is your Europe? took place from 1.3. to 1.5. in cooperation with the digital platform nextmu​se​um​.io.

The Call is intended as a complement to the exhibition Europe: Ancient Future curated by Sandro Droschl. Within the framework of the call, the HALLE FÜR KUNST Steiermark received a large number of submissions from international artists on the themes of Europe, transnationality and the reality of European life. 

Photo: Liza Osepaishvili-Nemtsova. From the Series: The body object: The ecology of the arts (2015).

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