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profil Talk
Europe: Ancient Future


Please note, that this podcast is available in German. 

The profil Talk took place on 29.7.2021 in the context of the exhibition Europe: Ancient Future in cooperation with the news magazine profil. Moderated by Christa Zöchling (profil editorial staff), the talk brought together six different experts from different fields of knowledge to discuss the limits, possibilities and potentials of a common Europe.

Everyone talks about (and far too often against) Europe, and even a common Europe is only slowly getting off the ground. The particular interests of the nation states, bureaucracy and the economy are too deeply entrenched, reflecting the attachment of many to what is immediately familiar. The future, however, can only lie in an open, cosmopolitan approach, with a good relationship between each individual and the local as well as the international community. This critical balance of the individual to the group was already outlined by ancient Greece in order to strengthen democracy on the basis of individual and general freedoms and responsibilities.


> Sandro Droschl – Director HALLE FÜR KUNST Steiermark
> Eveline Krummen – Professor of Classical Philology / Greek Studies at the University of Graz
> Caroline List – President of the Graz Regional Court for Criminal Matters, chairwoman of the Graz university council
> Franz Kapfer – artist of the exhibition
> Klaus Kastberger – Director Literaturhaus Graz, jury member Ingeborg-Bachmann-Preis
> András Pálffy – Jabornegg & Pálffy architects, former president of the Vienna Secession, 2012 – 2019 head of the Faculty of Architecture and Planning, TU Vienna

Presenter: Christa Zöchling – profil, political affairs department

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