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Europa-T-Shirts by Wolfgang Tillmans

As part of the exhibition Europe: Ancient Future, we have printed Wolfgang Tillmans Europa-T-Shirts, these are available at the HALLE FÜR KUNST.

Artist and photographer Wolfgang Tillmans is a great advocate for Europe and has long campaigned against right-wing populist movements and re-emerging nationalism. Tillmans watched with concern as the UK’s 2016 referendum shook the EU, calling it a critical turning point for Europe.

The artist perceived the official anti-Brexit campaign as too half-hearted and then pushed political awareness for the unification of Europe through artistic means. In an artistically activist attitude, he designed more than 20 different pro-European posters within a very short time, which he made available online for the public to distribute. Part of this political campaign was also a series of T‑shirts with a map of Europe printed on them. Tilmans sent them to a wide variety of celebrities, in order to ask them to take an official stand for a united Europe. As part of the exhibition Europe: Ancient Future, the white shirts with red green or blue Europe motif are available in sizes S, M and L for 15 euros each.

Europa-T-Shirts by Wolfgang Tillmans
White T‑shirt
Red, blue or green Logo
Sizes S, M, or L
15 Euro per piece

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