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Tour for Students

Guided tour of the exhibition

Duration: ca. 45 min
Group size: up to 15 persons
Also available in English 

Admission to the exhibition is free. The guided tour is 1 Euro per person for students.

History does not only shape the present, but also the future. Frequently, mythical narratives influence both society and determine whose stories are told. As part of the 2022 Styrian State Prize for Fine Arts, Franz Kapfer is presenting a new group of works in his exhibition Atlanten — Ich oder das Chaos [Atlases – Me or the Chaos], which deals with the Greek mythological figure of Atlas and the architectural column tradition of atlases. This new installation is complemented by older works and offers a comprehensive insight into Kapfer’s oeuvre by representing a broad selection of his works.

Our self-perception is often a reflection of the gaze of others. Ever/​Repair is a joint project by the artist couple Isabel Lewis and Dirk Bell. Over the years, both have created independent works in the fields of performance, drawing and installation, which they now bring together at HALLE FÜR KUNST Steiermark. The title Ever/​Repair plays with the meanings of Ever / Reparation and the combination of the words Every and Pair. The intertwining of these words symbolizes the practices of the individuals, which are now entangled as if in a dance.

Both exhibitions address historiography and oppression. While Kapfer seeks to expose power relations and narratives of power through exaggeration, Lewis and Bell use playful and performative approaches to reverse structural violence, especially colonialist violence, in order to create something new. These parallel exhibitions do not only complement and enrich each other, but also provide an excellent platform for discussion, interrogations and exchange.