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Tour for Lecturers/ Students

1 Euro per person
Duration: about 1 hour
Includes exhibition admission, guided tour, handout and online guide
Group size up to 20 persons

Also available in English

The exhibition project Systems of Belief deals with alternative belief systems through the medium of art and establishes diverse cross-connections to the topic of technology and spirituality. The concept of technology is conceived in the exhibition from a broad understanding: the starting point is the thesis that the omnipotence of the technocracy is taking hold of ever wider sections of society and that certain information and analysis techniques such as algorithms are increasingly influencing our thinking and perception. Accordingly, the question also arises as to which information channels and technologies we use to manage the complexity of our society. To what extent does rationality prevail in the use of technology and to what extent can the apparatuses be used again in an irrational and spiritualistic way? What role can faith play in this? Artistic positions from the 1960s also play an important role in these questions. The works unite to form a multi-layered composition that carries the potential for us to reflect once again on our individual and general contexts of belief, not least in relation to common pure rationality.