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Walk & Talk

Thematic Exhibition Tours

Guided tours of the exhibition Katherine Bradford: American Odyssey
Saturday 11 am and upon appointment
Admission is free, attendance: 1€ per person
Duration: ca. 30 min
Group size: up to 15 persons 
Also available in English 

The current exhibition Katherine Bradford: American Odyssey is the first comprehensive institutional exhibition of Katherine Bradford’s work in Europe. Bradford is considered one of the most important female artists in US-American painting. In addition to fifteen central works from New York collections from the last ten years, the exhibition will show twenty-three new productions.

In her concise works, Bradford has been developing a personal story about painting for decades, which she tells again and again in different variations and which at the same time bear witness to her very own American Odyssey. Based on color surface painting, she interweaves abstraction and figuration to create enigmatic and very present bodies. Some of these are individuals, others are found in diverse communities that are able to transcend boundaries through constructs such as race, class and gender. Bradford thus conveys an irrepressible and critical humanism that is more than necessary in complex times like ours.