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Cool School

Tour for pupils

1 Euro per person
Includes guided tour, handout and online guide
Group size up to 20 persons

also available in English

Two different exhibitions can currently be experienced at the HALLE FÜR KUNST. The two exhibitions provide a fascinating insight into the work of the artists Anita Leisz and Yalda Afsah.

Anita Leisz grew up in Styria and received the appreciation award for fine arts here in 2020. Leisz does not believe in art that is loud or colorful; her objects are rather restrained and are made of construction and industrial materials such as sheet metal, concrete or fiberboard. At first glance, an industrial aesthetic is revealed, but a closer look shows subtle traces that are reminiscent of the human and the ephemeral. It is interesting that Leisz’s works can be read as individual works on the one hand, but can also be seen as something whole in their joint interplay with architecture. For art classes, the related questions about the role of artists and the function of art are exciting. What can, and should art do? We are confronted with our own expectations and thus come to new insights.

The basement features several video works by Yalda Afsah, a German-Iranian artist and filmmaker. People and their interactions with animals are shown in various countries, in areas such as bullfighting, horse dressage and pigeon flying. Afsah captures people and animals with unusual images and distorted soundscapes. Our perspective is shifted, revealing the contradictions in our treatment of the animal world. On the one hand, our relationship is determined by power and subjugation, but in addition, moments of joy and care also come to light. How do humans deal with their environment? And how can we develop a more caring approach?