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Art Education

Art in Dialogue

Mediation and its Programs

In order to encourage visitors to see and approach art on various levels, the mediation department of HALLE FÜR KUNST Steiermark offers formats designed specifically to address different target groups. Concieved as programs to provide information, while offering dialogue and exchange, the focus is also to present art in an enjoyable way. 

In addition to special guided tours for school and university students, we offer tours for visitors in the Walk & Talk series.

Within the context of the exhibition Katherine Bradford: American Odyssey, we regularly offer tours through the exhibition. Dates and further information can be found on our program site.

Coole Schule Tour for Students 
Free Entry to the exhibition
Tour: 1 Euro per person 

Academy Tour for university students 
Free Entry to the exhibition
Exhibition ticket: 1 Euro per person

cf@​halle-​fuer-​kunst.​at; 0316 740084 11

Mediation offers


If you are interested in any of the formats, please do not hesitate to contact Caro Feistritzer (cf@​halle-​fuer-​kunst.​at; +43 316 740084 11).


In addition to individual appointments for groups, there is a public tour through the exhibition every Saturday at 11 am, which can be attended without prior registration.