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Bernadette Laimbauer

lives in Mooskirchen, Styria

Bernadette Laimbauer combines elements of the performing and visual arts. Initially working in monument preservation, she took acting and theater lessons and then participated in theater projects before creating her own performative concepts. She studied experimental design at the University of Arts Linz and graduated with the performance Bau mir ein Haus, in dem ich bleibe (2022) with Anna Jermolaewa. Most recently, she received a studio scholarship at the Hartheim Institute, which was funded by the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport. She is currently attending a diploma course in voice training and speech technique in Linz and runs the Artist-run space Geschäftsstelle in western Styria.

In her artistic practice, Laimbauer involves the audience in intimate rituals that require intuitive reactions in the moment. Making habits visible plays an important role in her work. She often discovers humor” in the seemingly tragic.