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Mara-Daria Cojocaru 


The video is available in German.

Philosophy lecturer and writer Mara-Daria Cojocaru ties in with themes from Yalda Afsah’s exhibition. The contribution ANIMAL PAIN focuses on the suffering of animals and, among other things, also addresses animal protection laws. To what extent can animal suffering be adequately understood from a human perspective? 

Recommended reading:
Mara-Daria Cojocaru, Menschen und andere Tiere. Plädoyer für eine leidenschaftliche Ethik, WBG 2021.
Saskia Stucki, Grundrechte für Tiere, Nomos 2016.
Alasdair Cochrane, Should Animals Have Political Rights? Polity 2020
Arianna Ferrari und Klaus Petrus (Hg.), Lexikon der Mensch-Tier-Beziehungen, transcript 2015.

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