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Statements on affairs I.
Noah Barker 


The video is available in English

The new online series provides all who are interested with exciting insights into topics and questions about the artistic positions of the exhibitions. For the Artist-Statement, the artists are each asked five short questions, whereby new insights into their work emerge and a current reference to conceptual art is established. 

American artist Noah Barker (*1991 California, lives in New York) subtly explores the structures of exhibition spaces. Through his artistic works, he brings to light the context in which works are shown, whereby intermediate locations in the particular institutions also play a role. In the HALLE FÜR KUNST, Barker emphasizes the staircase between the individual levels of the building and, in addition, shifts his art to a virtual level.


Participating artists

Noah Barker

*1991 California, lives in New York

Solo (et al.): Alienze, Vienna (2021), Löwengasse, Köln (2021), Fanta-MLN, Milan (2019), Lodos, Mexico City (2019), Air de Paris, Paris (2018), Éclair, Berlin (2017), And Now, Dallas (2016), First Continent, Baltimore (2015); Shows (et al.): Fluentum, Berlin (2022), Fanta, Milan (2022, 2018), MACRO, Museum of Contemporarty Art of Rome, Rom (2021), Air de Paris (2019), Fanta-MLN, Milan (2019), Lodos, Mexico City (2019), Galerie Nathalie Halgand, Vienna (2018), Meyer Kainer, Vienna (2017), Simon Lee, New York (2017), Seventeen, London (2016), Okayama, Japan (2016), James Kelly, Chicago (2016), Exo Exo, Paris (2016), Dark Arts International, Mexico City (2015)

More contributions

Gender and Humor 
Mario Huber 

Gender and Humor – a complicated field of stereotypes, clichés and exaggerations that we will try to master. A lecture based on the title of the exhibition, with some exclamation marks, but most of all many many question marks.

Mario Huber