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Music for Drums — Jörg Mikula 


The video is available in German

Graz-born drummer Jörg Mikula presents his program of solo pieces from the concept album Music For Drums in the large exhibition hall of the HALLE FÜR KUNST. Mikula cultivates an innovative approach to his instrument and creates sound atmospheres that lead through different musical worlds. Thereby through-composed pieces like Buzzz or Murakami alternate with programmatic improvisations like WOODS or STARS. Jörg Mikula shows a whole new side of the drums, atmospheric and full of gripping stories.


Participating artists

Jörg Mikula

*1975 Graz

studied percussion at the Kunstuniversität Graz and at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. His most important teachers include Jamey Haddad, Ian Froman, Alex Deutsch, Dave DiCenso, Kenwood Dennard and Hal Crook. He is a member of the quartet Donauwellenreiter, which uses the unusual instrumentation of piano, violin/​voice, cello and drums to explore new musical directions. To date, five albums have been released, accompanied by international tours. Jörg Mikula has already cooperated with musicians from the Balkans, Turkey, Iran and Africa and is also a much sought-after studio drummer for various pop artists. His activities in this field are documented on more than 60 CDs. In addition to his international concert activities, Jörg Mikula is a lecturer for drums, percussion and ensemble at the Vienna Music Institute. His most recent solo albums are Drumsongs (2013) and Music for Drums (2021).

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