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Max Rehberg & Alicia Peckelsen 


Please note that this video is available in German.

The contribution shows a contemporary approach to the play Medea in the version by Euripides and the author Sharon Dodua Otoo. This involves a staged performance of one of the great scenes between Medea and Jason. 

In the context of the exhibition Europe: Ancient Future, two connections between the play and the themes addressed by the artworks are expressed above all. In analogy to the scenic performance, the exhibition deals with ancient themes and motifs and their contemporary interpretation. The second, less obvious connection points to the good relationship between the individual and the group, or between the individual and society. This relationship was also a major theme in antiquity. And so, on the one hand, the characters Medea and Jason appear strongly as individual persons with different needs. On the other hand, the play also deals with the social structures and unequal gender relations that lead Medea to find herself in a position of being powerless, which she actively confronts in an attempt at self-empowerment and in achieving equality towards her partner.

The contribution is a collaboration with the University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz, Field of study Performing Arts (Acting).

Mentoring and play development: Prof. Ute Rauwald
Performers: Max Rehberg & Alicia Peckelsen

Text under modification of:
Medea, Euripides, After the translation of Paul Träger und J.J.C. Donner
Eure Heimat ist unser Alptraum, Sharon Dodua Otoo

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