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Please note that this video is available in German.

The video presents a text excerpt from Aristotele’s Politics and explains his views on the concepts of freedom and equality.

The following text is discussed in the video clip:

Aristoteles, Politik, Sechstes Buch
Die demokratische Verfassung; Freiheit, Gleichheit und Ämter in der Demokratie; Das Gleiche, Die Einzelnen Spielarten der Demokratie; Der Bestand der Demokratie (Reclam Ausgabe 1989, S. 298 – 311)

Aristotle (*384 BC Stageira, †322 BC) is one of the most famous philosophers and universal scholars of ancient Greece. Especially in the fields of political philosophy, natural sciences, rhetoric and ethics, he exerted a far-reaching influence on the development of European culture. His best-known writings Politics and The Nicomachean Ethics constitute important contributions to topics such as freedom, equality, morality, as well as democracy and state theory and are widely received throughout the world.

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