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Politische Gleichheit
Danielle Allen 


Danielle Allen. Politische Gleicheit. Frankfurter Adorno Vorlesung 2017. Suhrkamp 2020.

A reading from Allen’s publication takes up central concepts in her thinking, such as equality, which also plays an influential role in the reading circle on Aristotle and Rawls.

The following text was discussed for the reading circle:

Danielle Allen, Politische Gleichheit, Erstes Kapitel:
Einleitung: Politische Gleichheit und ökonomische Ermächtigung (Erste Auflage 2020, Suhrkamp S. 9 – 43)

Danielle Allen (*1971 Takoma Park) is a classical philologist, political scientist, and professor at Harvard University. She studied at Princeton University, Harvard University, and King‘s College, University of Cambridge, where she received her PhD in Classics. She has also taught at the School of Social Science at Princeton and at the University of Chicago. Danielle Allen has published primarily in the areas of democratic theory, political sociology, and political history. Her research interests include theories of equality and social justice in ancient Athens, as well as with respect to modern America. Allen rose to prominence in the German-speaking countries when she was appointed as a lecturer for the Frankfurt Adorno Lecture in 2017, and was also awarded the prestigious John W. Kluge Prize for Scholarship in 2020. Publications include Political Equality (2020); Toward a Connected Society (2016); Education, Democracy and Justice (2013); and Why Plato Wrote (2010), among others.


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