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TARWUK: Бољи живоt


Cathrin Mayer 

Cathrin Mayer

Greg Bond

Camera & Sound:
kun​st​-doku​men​ta​tion​.com, Manuel Carreon Lopez

Kevin Ferdinandus


Participating artists


(*2014 founded in New York): Ivana Vukšić (*1981 Dubrovnik, lives in New York), Bruno Pogaćnik Tremow (*1981 Zagreb, lives in New York)

Solo (et al.): White Cube, London (2023), Maramotti Collection, Emilia Romagana (2021), Matthew Brown, Los Angeles (2021), Martos Gallery, New York (2020), Lauba, Zagreb (2020), Taito Ryokan, Tokyo (2019), Team Gallery, New York (2018), Museum of Fine Art, Osijek (2017), Ethnographical Museum of Istria, Pazin (2017), Essex Flowers, New York (2017), Museum of Fine Arts, Split (2017), Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka (2016), Lauba, Zagreb (2015)
Shows (et al.): Drava Art Biennale, Lauba Zagbreb (2020), MLU, Osijek (2020), Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad (2018), Museum of Modern Art, Dubrovnik (2018), Art-O-Rama Marseille (2018), JTT, New York (2018), Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad (2018), Inside Out Art Museum, Beijing (2014), NARS Foundation Gallery, New York (2014)

More contributions

Gender and Humor 
Mario Huber 

Gender and Humor – a complicated field of stereotypes, clichés and exaggerations that we will try to master. A lecture based on the title of the exhibition, with some exclamation marks, but most of all many many question marks.

Mario Huber