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Katherine Bradford, American Odyssey,

RIDICULOUSLY YOURS! Art, Awkwardness and Enthusiasm,

Give Rise To Marta Navaridas, Alex Deutinger & Manuel Riegler,

TARWUK, Бољи живоt,

Fantastic Surrealists,

Give Rise To Julius Pristauz,

on affairs,

Heinrich Dunst, sink,

Music for Drums — Jörg Mikula 


Graz-born drummer Jörg Mikula presents his program of solo pieces from the concept album Music For Drums in the large exhibition hall of the HALLE FÜR KUNST. Mikula cultivates an innovative approach to his instrument and creates sound atmospheres that lead through different musical worlds. 

Music for Drums - Jörg Mikula

Systems of Belief,

Give Rise To Sunny Pfalzer & Marshall Vincent,

Yalda Afsah, Every word was once an animal,

Give Rise To Omsk Social Club & Alexander Iezzi,

Stano Filko, A Retrospective,

Give Rise To Colin Self,

Domestic Drama,

Give Rise To Billy Bultheel & Viviana Abelson,

Kevin Jerome Everson, Recover,

Doreen Garner, Steal, Kill and Destroy: A Thief Who Intended Them Maximum Harm,

Give Rise To Armin Lorenz Gerold,

Europe: Ancient Future,

John Rawls


The video presents an introduction to the basic ideas of Rawls’ theory of justice, taking up important concepts such as equality as well as Rawl’s central concept of the primordial state.

Lesekreis Rawls